Trapped in Toxic Patterns

Growing out of a Character is like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis. ~ Avril Carruthers

If you're feeling bad, so is he.

I went to hear Sydney author, psychotherapist and spiritual healer Avril Carruthers talk about her book Freedom From Toxic Relationships. Now don't worry, things are fine between me and Mr. Noodlies! I went because Avril is a friend and a fellow author at the Inspired Living imprint at Allen & Unwin (who publish Destination Saigon, my own book about my travels to Vietnam). I also knew that Avril's work wasn't just about bad romantic relationships. She also covers family relationships, work relationships and beyond. It proved to be the most fascinating evening. Avril's work is with what she calls "Psychic Cords," energetic connections which bind us to other people and can be the source of much of our torment. By ignoring these potentially toxic connections, we don't just make ourselves feel bad - we impact the life of the person at the other end of the cord.

It's hard to conceive of energetic connections.

These aren't the kinds of things that can be proven scientifically, but Avril's years of clinical work have convinced her that we are indeed connected in a profound way to the other people in our lives. Avril has her clients draw these energetic connections - these cords - and she showed us some of the incredible and powerful images that result.

People experience energy drains.

Avril's clients frequently describe bad energy as being "dumped' on them, and at a deep level they are conscious of the presence of these psychic cords, probing their bodies and entering them at vulnerable places. She suggests that perhaps this might be the source of some of the sensations and experiences that people describe as alien probing and implantation.

We feel we have to support others.

Many times our energetic connections to family members are sullied and toxic, but we fear letting them go because we think we have an obligation to care for our close family members, particularly parents. Often people see their stressed and painful psychic cords as a confused muddle, surrounding their bodies and feeding off every energetic centre. By clinging on to a toxic connection we are helping no-one, least of all the person at the other end. By letting go and becoming a full person, we lift the energy of all those around us, near and far.

Cords connect us to the generations before our parents.

Avril, who also specialises in past-life regression, has seen the cords extend beyond our present-day connections into generations beyond - particularly with family members. Often we are paying for the sins of our forefathers, and unconsciously feeding these old toxic connections. We can afford to let them go.

Read Avril's book - it is fascinating.


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