Gregg Braden - The Science of Miracles - DVD

Gregg Braden has been quite a sensation in the world of New Age spirituality for some years now. His big hit was the book The Divine Matrix, and most recently he has released Fractal Time. This DVD is a really interesting interview with Braden, released by Hay House. It is basically a long interview, cut up with some images and some changing camera angles, but for all its lack of visual stimulation is still interesting and clearly constructed, making it a perfect introduction to Braden and his beliefs. Those who have read his books might recognise some of the stories he tells here, but he is a reasonably magnetic personality and a good performer, so one is never bored.
In The Science of Miracles Braden revisits a very old idea in the world of metaphysics: the etheric field. Western science has for a century or more entirely rejected the idea that there is some kind of invisible field that connects us all energetically. The standard scientific premise is that each of us exists in total physical isolation, though modern physics is beginning to shake this assertion.

Braden, who has spent much tiume studying the lore of the indigenous peoples of America as well as exploring the linguistic importance of ancient Aramaic and the philosphy of the Essenes, asserts that these more ancient traditions always taught that there is some kind of primal force within us that is connected, not just to each other, but to the universe itself. Scientific studies seem to suggest that our DNA is in communication, in some mysterious way, with the energy of the world around us, and this is being called "the New Field." In this DVD Braden describes experiments conducted with DNA in which the exctracted DNA continues to respond to the stimulus of its donor, though the two are separated geographically.
Braden connects all of this to the ancient and familiar idea of prayer. The urge to pray is, he suggests, a natural and perfectly correct desire to tap into this field of unievrsal energy. He cites the work of the Heartmath Institute in proving that DNA relaxes when exposed to positive attitudes and emotions, thereby eliciting a high immune response. And, predictably, the opposite is also true - anger tightens the DNA. This would suggest that choosing more positive emotions for ourselves, we can affect our own DNA.
The Science of Miracles contains what Braden says is lost ancient information, information that was destroyed when the library at Alexandria was burned, and also when the Bible was edited in 325 AD. He alleges that these two events tore the metaphysical heart out of Western civilisation, and doomed us to centuries of misunderstanding about the function of prayer and the nature of miracles.
His central thesis is that it is emotion that connects us to the universe - what he calls the quantum hologram or the mind of God. While he used to be an aeronautical engineer, Braden is now much more concerned with what he calls ancient spiritual technologies, methods of prayer and contemplation that he discovered during his travels the monasteries of Tibet and among the indigenous peoples of the world.
This is a fascinating and challenging DVD, packed with information. It is of particular interest to anyone who leads an active prayer life and would like to explore a little more deeply the meaning and implications opf prayer and contemplation.


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