Book Shows You How to Turn Your Cleverness Into Cash

I have been reading Stephanie Chandler's book From Entrepreneur to Infopreneur very carefully over the last week or so. I have taken pages of notes from it, and have filled the book itself up with underlinings and page indexes. I don't think I have found a book as practical and helpful in a very long time. I want everyone to read it.

What is its premise? That people who have a talent for writing or teaching or creating any kind of content are perfectly positioned in this rapidly changing world to make real money from their skills. Chandler's book is filled with ideas for using your knowledge and expertise to create ebooks, newsletters, on-line courses and many, many other information-based products that will not just make you money but build your platform and increase your exposure.

Who should read it? Well, I think it's basically compulsory reading for any author, published or otherwise. All of us are facing an uncertain future, and this book reminds us that there are, in fact, more and better options out there for us than ever before. I also think that anyone with a business and the ability to string two sentences together will find this book immensely valuable. Chandler's previous work has all been targeted at small businesspeople, so there is much to learn in From Entrepreneur to Infopreneur. The information she provides on creating and distributing enewlsetters alone would be of immense value to half a dozen businesses I know.

The highlights? The book is so filled with specific and practical information that I could probably provide a highlight from each of the 12 chapters. But narrowing it down, I am particularly interested in working more closely with her ideas on:

  • Creating an impressive press kit
  • Key words to include when writing copy
  • Essential things you should have on your website
  • How to prepare for booksignings, talks and public appearances
I am going to stick my neck out here and say that, if you are interested in developing yourself and your skills and moving ahead in the on-line environment, you are guaranteed to find this book helpful, stimulating and worth every cent.
Honestly, get it now.


Hi Walter,
Wow, thank you for such a wonderful book review! I really appreciate your kind words.
Best of luck to you,

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