Some North Queensland Moments

I am just back from some time in North Queensland, where I grew up.

Ravioli at the Oasis Coffee Lounge, Ingham - my hometown has a big Italian population, and we grew up eating delicious and wholesome food like this. A big plate of ravs at the Oasis is essential whenevr I visit.

Canefields on the edge of town, Ingham - Ingham is a sugar town, and you don't have to drive far to hit a cane farm.

The W. W. Mason Bridges, Cairns - Named after my great-grandfather, this is the bridge that leads you North out of Cairns

Frogs restaurant, Kuranda - I don't care what the haters say, I love Kuranda.

The Ingham water tower - for some reason I am obsessed with this structure, and always want to see it whenever I go back.


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