Quantum Tarot Version 2.0

Quantum Tarot Version 2.0

This a beautiful tarot deck for anyone who loves the universe and its mysteries. I became quite absorbed in the cards and their imagery, even though I am not much of a science nerd. The deck would certainly appeal to anyone who loves science and the night skies.

The cards are exquisitely produced, embossed and filled with the tiniest detail. Every time you look at a card you discover something new, and they really have been crafted beautifully. But this is definitely NOT a tarot for beginners – you need to know the cards pretty well to make the best use of this deck. At the risk of sounding sexist, I would like to suggest that this would make a great men’s deck, because its emphasis on science, physics, mathematics and the natural world is suitably macho, and the whole vibe is boyish.

Some interesting details:

The Hierophant is Isaac Newton.

The Tower card is one of the World Trade Centre Towers being split in two – a striking, disturbing, though still beautifully rendered image. It works powerfully.

The Chariot card has an image of Einstein and his famous formula.

The Major Arcana focus on the theories of Quantum Physics, the minor cards focus on the phenomena. So for example the 2 of wands is “Planet Formation” and the 3 of swords is the “red dwarf”

The Court Cards daw on the mythic archetypes of the stars and constellations, and will drive any astrologer wild with wonder. Eg. The King of Pentacles is Saturn, the Queen of Cups is Andromeda.

I love the deck and would readily use it personally. It's a beautiful choice for a teenage boy, with just the right energy of masculinity, adventure and mystery.The blurb for the cards describe the deck as "Modern science meets the ancient spiritual system of the tarot" and "A tarot of the New Physics." So if you liked What the Bleep Do We Know? you will almost certainly love this deck. It is literally exciting to use – some of the great sense of possibility of quantum physics is translated through the clever artwork.

Cool and beautifully designed, the cards I loved best draw extensively on images from the Hubble Space Telescope. I know a couple of people who reject spirituality altogether, but whose love of science would draw them to this deck and make them want to explore it. It’s a really interesting bridge between two worlds, and I think you will be intrigued by it.


Brian Tenneson said…
I just received this deck as a gift and I don't understand your rationale for calling it a man's deck. Not one bit. I saw your reasons having to do with this deck being about science and math oriented but I don't see a connection between those pursuits and gender. Nor do I get a boyish or girlish vibe from most of the genderless cards.

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