New Books for July - History & Biography

My room is filling up so fast I actually have no more room to put things. If I want to place a glass or a piece of paper on a flat surface I have to dislodge something. I need a new house. Until then, I keep buying new books. Here are some history/biography/autobiographies that I have ready to read. From the top:

  • The Hare With Amber Eyes by Edmund de Waal - Just about everyone's favourite book, I think.
  • English Eccentrics by Edith Sitwell - A Folio Society edition, I already own a copy of this, but it's in paperback, I couldn't resist it.
  • Love Undetectable by Andrew Sullivan - Everyone's favourite gay conservative. A collection of essays, including a very good one on the "gay cure" movement.
  • At Home by Bill Bryson - I haven't read Bryson in years. I wondered why he stopped writing travel books?
  • The Darkened Room by Alex Owen - An examination of women & Spiritualism in Victorian England. This one is for my thesis, but I have a feeling I am going to enjoy reading it.
  • Intimate Journals by Charles Baudelaire
  • Keep the River on Your Right by Tobias Schneebaum - I have been wanting to read this one for years. Gay New Yorker goes to South America, lives with a cannibal tribe and has sex with the warriors. And it's all true!
  • Julian of Norwich: A Contemplative Biography by Amy Frykholm - This one was recommended on a blog I read and like. I have been fascinated by Julian of Norwich for many years.
  • I'm Over All That by Shirley Maclaine
  • For Nelson Mandela - Oh dear, I bought this one by accident.
  • Joan Crawford by David Bret
  • The Quality of Mercy by William Shawcross - An examination of the Cambodian holocaust, for my next book.


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