My Faux-Nostalgic Life

Some more of my Instagram diary

Charlie Lovett's on Broadway - because I am meant to boycott Gloria Jeans. And it is quite cheap. And the staff are kind of hyper-nice.

Ramen in Chinatown. Great ramen, but I wish the guy that took my order would be a little more attentive. He ignores each customer for 2 or 3 full minutes before pretending to notice them for the first time.

On the train - maybe Sefton?

Tom N Tom's on Bathurst St. It is a Korean ripoff of Starbucks, and is kind of fun. It's getting a bit too popular now, though - sometimes it's hard to find a seat.

This little shop at the bottom of George St is always empty - nothing seems to work there. Places like this make me believe in feng shui.


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