"The Wish" by Angela Donovan

In a world of so many choices, with such an abundance of opportunity, many of us remain trapped by our inability to make important. Indeed, many are willing to accept a compromised, cramped existence in exchange for never having to face the fear of confronting the world in all its confusing glory. Psychic intuitive Angela Donovan has written a wonderful book called The Wish to address exactly this problem, so emblematic of our age. Using her own gentle but deeply profound system of personal exploration, she guides the reader into ever greater realisations of possibility, and once you have finished The Wish you will be a changed person.
Set out in a progressively more action-focused manner, The Wish is deftly written and Donovan has charm as a writer, with an eye for a good story. This is a self-help book that is not content to skim around the edges of achivement - it plunges into the very depths of our being, confronting some of the darker and more querulous aspects of our character. It is principally about finding your passion, either for the first time, or in a project of reconnection. Urging us to list those things we love most and schedule them into our calendars, Angela Donovan reminds us that joy is an essential aspect of our being, perhaps even the very thing we were put here to express.
And while the subject matter may be grand, The Wish is careful in the way it approaches the fears and shadows that may have been holding us back. Angela Donovan is humble and sensible enough to acknowledge the limits of her own knowledge, and recommends the reader consult health and psychology professionals if things get really tough. Such honesty is refreshing and highly ethical.
It's the kind of book to read slowly and carefully. It is filled with practical exercises, and I think it is important that these are done progressively and in order. It is the kind of book you approach as a project, the perfect companion for morning sessions of self-development, or as a counterpoint to journaling and meditation. Certainly by the end of it my copy was heavily underlined and highlighted, stray words floating in the margins as I made realisations and felt challenged to look more deeply into my resistance.
I feel it is such an important book, and it is one that is reasonably free of dogma or wacky assertion. Donovan seems to be allowing the reader to retain her or his own particular worldview, avoiding argument and encouraging instead growth and expansion of consciousness. The Wish describes a process of self-understanding, of re-connection with talents and dreams.

"When you know where your true talents lie, you're able to work them into your daily life and you can give yourself the opportunity to find complete fulfilment."

Inspiring, thought-provoking and completely down to earth, the time I spent reading The Wish was enormously valuable. I know you will find it so as well.


The Wish: How to make your dreams come true by Angela Donovan
AUD $29.99
ISBN: 9781742374932
Published in Australia May 2011
Publisher: ALLEN & UNWIN


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