Wake Up

I went along to Adyar Bookshop last week for their second film night, and it was a wonderful experience. We watched a fascinating documentary called Wake Up, about a man who has started to see spirits and angels and goes on a spiritual quest in order to gain some kind of understanding of what is happening to him. Questioning his sanity, and finding himself on rocky ground with his sceptical girlfriend, he travels across America seeking out wise spiritual advisors and undergoing all kinds of transformative experiences in his quest for truth.
It's a wonderfully honest and searching film, and one that I think a lot of people would respond to.
The screening was booked out, and Adyar are planning a second screening, so give them a call on (02) 9267 8509 and book - it's only $5 and, just like I did tonight, you could win the lucky door prize! And they throw in a white chocolate Tim Tam with it. Heaven!


Dolly said…
Helloo Walter

Wow you're in 'What i wish i knew about love" :)
I recieved this as a 21st Birthday gift and the what i wish i knew when i was 18. My bestfriend hoped to teach me what true love is, as i hard a lot of hard relationships within my 21.

I read your page :)

Its true, though i'd question how do you know if you arent the bit but a piece?

I also love the "dressed as outlandishly as possible" it goes to show that looks arent as important as personality. Or so we hope in this world. Well definately in your case. Im so happy for you and Thang.. and i feel lucky to have met Thang..

I definately want to meet you.. and could you please autograph my book :)

Wow. do you have any more reccomendations. Im a sucker for quote books and something that has meaning to it :)

Take Care, All the best for tommorw,

Dolly x
Karin said…
Lovely story in today's Good Weekend - congratulations!
Walter Mason said…
Thank you Dolly! I hope you enjoyed my 80s look in "What I Wish I Knew About Love" - I always like to dress for effect.
Thank you Karin for your lovely message!

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