50 New Things: A Whole Bunch

Before I head off to Nanjing tomorrow (another new thing I will have to add to my list!) I wanted to catch up with the whole bunch of New Things I've Done to contribute to my list of 50. While I've been doing well, I still have some way to go! So here are some new New Things:

New Thing No. 4 - A Healing Workshop with Annie Evans - Annie is just gorgeous, and she is also published under the Inspired Living imprint, just like me. I had never been to a Healing Workshop before, so I booked me and my mum in as a birthday gift to her. It was fabulous. Spending a whole day with the delightfully warm Annie was really something, and I really did feel healed and relaxed afterwards.

New Thing No. 5 - Going to Hear Armistead Maupin - Maupin has been one of my heroes since I was about 19, and I have read all of his wonderful books. So I went to hear him at the Sydney Opera House when he was here recently, and because I didn't want to go by myself, I bought a ticket for my dear old dad. It turned out to be quite a good event to take one's father too. He and Armistead are of a similar age, and dad got to hear a whole heap of pro-gay things in a non-threatening environment.

New Thing No. 6 - Workshop With Dr. Brian Weiss - This was just on the weekend. I went a little sceptically, to be honest, but putting aside the truth or otherwise of what I experienced, the man is an incredible hypnotist, and I came away more calm, rested and joyful than I've been in many months. And it was fun - he has the most gorgeous, grandfatherly manner. Yes, I did have past-lives experiences, and no, I'm not telling.

New Thing No. 7 - Eating at the Guylian Cafe - Yes, I'm on a diet, but a man needs a break now and then. I am a lifelong devotee of Guylian Shells, those little hazelnut-infused chunks of Belgian heaven. I also regularly go to the Dendy Opera Quays, which is right next door to the Guylian Cafe. So one day I had some time on my hands....Had a huge hunk of cake and a Guylian iced chocolate and felt so much better for it. Waistline be damned!

New Thing No. 8 - Talking to Sci-Fi Author Marianne de Pierres - I used to work for Marianne de Pierres' publishing company - indeed, I set up her Myspace page! We had communicated by email and via Twitter, but I decided to go along to her book signing at Galaxy Books and get a copy of her new book Burn Bright. Marianne was friendly, kooky and striking, just as I'd imagined her.

New Things No. 9 - I Tried the New Super Dish Chinese Restaurant in Cabramatta - Actually, I try every new restaurant in Cabramatta, as all locals do. Just try getting into a new restaurant here in the first week and you'll see what I mean. Was very pleasantly surprised. Read Noodlies' review of it here.

New Things No. 10 - One Sunday I Went to St. George's Presbyterian Church in the City - This was probably my oddest New Thing yet. I adore this church, and have always wanted to go to a service there. I used to catch the bus across the road from it for years, and it was never open. Once I saw dozens of elderly ladies spill out, all wearing hats. I love its squashed but elaborate facade, its tiny door. So I went to a service one Sunday morning, and I have never experienced anything like it. It was definitely from another age. The ladies were still wearing hats. The liturgy was in a form I'd never experienced before, nor even heard about. A kind of continuous round of Bible readings and then sung Psalms (unaccompanied) and then a long sermon. Standing for prayer. Iguess it's some kind of traditional Presbyterianism, and I should read up on it.

New Things No. 11 - Ate a Yellow Dragon Fruit - Dragon Fruit is one of my favourite yummy things, and in the last month I have noticed in the markets in Cabramatta a yellow variety. I couldn't resist. I can report that it has a sharper, sourer flavour than its more familiar purple cousin. I will stick with the original, with its softer, subtler tones.

New Things No. 12 - Sea-Salt Coffee - This has actually become a dangerous addiction. Who would think that salted coffee would be so delicious. I always want to nip in a and grab one of these when I am near the gorgeous 85 Degrees bakery on George street. Noodlies told me he'd uploaded a video of this, but turns out he hasn't. Maybe later you can see me taking my first ever sip of sea-salt coffee.

So that's it! Well, should have a whole slew of New Things after my trip to China - do keep an eye out!


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