Jasmine Rae

It's official - I'm in love.
Last night I went to see Australian country star Jasmine Rae live in concert, and she was every bit as amazing as her CDs. Even more excitingly, I was taken backstage to meet the woman herself. Reclining glamorously in the Green Room, Jasmine was a charming, funny and friendly young woman. And so, so beautiful - I know it's a cliche, but Ms. Rae has star quality in buckets, a real charisma that shines through the physical beauty.
She was at the end of a long season of massive arena concerts supporting big name US Country superstar Alan Jackson on his tour across Australia. She confessed that she was feeling a little under the weather, and was sipping a glass of something medicinal. And it wasn't Lemsip. She was looking forward to some r & r after the show, and was planning a detox.
But she was so stunning that I found it hard to believe she could be ill. And when she came on stage she absolutely wowed the place with her charm and her extraordinary repertoire which ranged from country classic to 80s rock, all filled with the Jasmine Rae cheeky charm and always the wonderful, sultry, smoky voice. She is a true diva and a consummate professional.
She slayed us in the aisles with her raunchy and slightly camp new hit 'Hunky Country Boys' (with its legendary lyric "I want a whip cracking, barebacking, proper good time"), but she also delighted with some beautifully rendered country classics and some retro favourites like Pat Benatar's 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot' and the super-sexy torch song 'Black Velvet'.
The voice is faultless and the band is tight, and despite some sound problems at the venue they managed to perform an impeccable set. Jasmine's voice is powerful and her presence is divine. Her latest album Listen Here debuted at #1 on the Australian country charts, and deservedly so.
This beautiful, energetic, talented and wonderfully soulful young woman has all the makings of a musical legend.


Dean Turnbull said…
Awesome review, glad you liked the show :)
Tim Holland said…
A fantastic tribute. Congratulations!

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