New Books for November

Oh dear, so much for my book fast. I didn't do very well at all, I'm afraid. A full pile of books, plus I admit a few that I've started reading already that didn't make the pile.
I'll be gone for most of December, so that's some consolation - very few new books being bought in Cambodia.
Anyway, here is the stash from the past 30 days or so. From the top:

  • The Bookshop at Curzon Street - because I am a Mitfordophile and I am at heart still a bookseller, so this is doubly interesting.
  • These days I am trying to make my living at writing, and I am constantly interested in the creative process, so I pounced on the new Julia Cameron book, The Creative Life.
  • I love books of letters, and this one is also feeding my Mitford addiction. Oh, and Patrick Leigh Fermor is also one of my obscure cults, so the letters between he and the Duchess of Devonshire should prove a wonderful distraction - In Tearing Haste.
  • Kenneth Tynan's Profiles - because last month I listened to the ever-inspiring Simon Callow reading Tynan's Diaries, and I can't believe it's taken me this long to "discover" him.
  • I love everything about David Sedaris, and even though the description of Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk worried me (don't we all hate it when a favourite author tries something new?), I still had to get it.
  • Having watched the BBC production of Barchester Chronicles, I simply had to try out a couple of Trollope novels.
  • I read a review of The Guest List, and it sounded like a queer must-have.
  • I am a little obsessive about my dreams, so I grabbed this fascinating book about Writers Dreaming when I saw it.
  • In the last chapter of my thesis I found myself writing about Dad and Dave, and I decided to get some of the books - I loved the Steele Rudd stories as a child, and look forward to re-visiting them.
  • Hong Kong is in my top 5 favourite places in the world, and I have never read Jan Morris' take on it.
  • Should I try to incorporate Descartes into my thesis? This book will tell me.
  • I know that personal branding is kind of old hat, but between you and me I still think it's the way to go. And I can never resist a really obscure Complete Idiots book.
  • Luxurious coffee-table books - especially about interiors - are a secret pleasure of mine, and there are so few with an Indochinese flavour. How could I resist Indochine Style?


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