The Adyar Project - The Vortex - 1st Lesson - Expansion

I have to be honest, I've been very slack about my Adyar reading project. The Vortex is a difficult book to pick up, and a very easy book to put down. I'm not being snobby here, or making snide comments about such literature. The fact is that it is convoluted, repetitive and dull, and desperately in need of a really savage edit - something interesting and valuable could certainly be salvaged out of it. So other things have managed to catch my attention. But I have applied myself a little this week, and have been reading The Vortex and attempting to apply some of it.
In his introduction to the book, Jerry Hicks says that Abraham (the channelled entity that is the putative author of the book) declares "the result of life is expansion" (xi). So that is my motto for the next week: I am constantly expanding, and such expansion is part of my natural state.
I worry about this resolution because I am also dieting, and want to make sure that any expansion is stictly at the metaphysical level. Just putting that out there - no expansion of stomach, please! I'm choosing instead in interpret "expansion" as meaning that I will be expanding spiritually, intellectually and socially. I am allowing myself to be expansive.
So I guess it will be a bit of a "yes" week - my favourite kind, really.
I'll let you know how I go.


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