U. E. Chinese Restaurant, Cabramatta

One of the great secrets of Cabramatta is U. E. Chinese restaurant.
Hidden away down a narrow alleyway, it is about as close in feel to a real Hong Kong noodle restaurant as you are ever going to get in Sydney, and its wonderfully obscure location make it the ultimate trick up every genuine foodie's sleeve. If you don't know about U. E., you're nobody in the food world.
The U. E. does multiple varieties of a single specialty dish: egg noodles. Today I had egg noodles with won ton, with delicious slices of pork on top and, of course, served with a dish of bean-sprouts, chrysanthemum leaves and a wedge of lemon.

It's a simple, filling meal, and the dark little restaurant is filled with Cabramatta shop-keepers.
While the staff speak English, the menu is kind of uncompromising, as you can see.

If you don't read Viet or Chinese I'm not at all sure what you're going to do - maybe rely on the recommendation of whoever is serving you. You can't go far wrong, because they are only going to recommend the five or six dishes which make up most of their orders.
So if you have friends coming to visit from another city, take them down the alleyway, past the toilets and kitchen entrances to other restaurants, and just as you're about to give up you will find the mysterious little U. E. And then watch your friends gaze at you in genuine admiration.

Details: U. E. Chinese Restaurant, 4A/117 John St (Note: not John St at all - when you get to Hill St, swing right and it's a few doors down - easy to miss!), Cabramatta. Open every day. Not at nights.


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