Monday Blogcrawl

I had a bizarre week last week. Battles with awful university bureaucracy (I lost), reading etiquette books by the dozen in university libraries and finally helping with the tour of a gay Catholic priest. I need to be attending to my thesis more, because I have promised my supervisor the next chapter by the end of this month, and it turns out that that's this week. Who knew? So, instead of writing, this is what I've been looking at:

  1. The centenary of Tolstoy’s death brings a nice little examination of the poor intellectual weaklings who laboured for him.
  2. Gawker confirms what I've long suspected: living in cities is better for you
  3. Our Lady of Walsingham is my very favourite version of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and Confessions of a Ci-Devant celebrated her feast day.
  4. Naturally I think a personal blog is the way to go, and you can find out why over at Problogger.
  5. Finally, someone (like me) who won't be reading the new Jonathan Franzen!


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