Monday Blogcrawl

As usual, I have a rather daunting to-do list, which I manage by totally ignoring. This method has worked for the past 39 years, but I don't think it's going to cut it when I hit 40 (in two months time, folks!). A friend sent me a wonderful CD by Aboriginal country singer Warren H. Williams, and that has been keeping me excellent company this week - I'll be reviewing it soon. IN the meantime, here's what distracted me on the World Wide Web:

  1. Author Jody Hedlund, whose blog is consistently wonderful, weighs in on the necessity (or not) of authors blogging
  2. Brave New World offers some excellent advice on dealing with trolls
  3. Some people tell me they can't see the value in social media. Andrew Ran Wong offers some excellent reasons why you should be involved
  4. Beth Fish reviews Angelology, a book on my "must-read" list
  5. Is Buddhism a religion? The endless question...


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