Monday Blogcrawl

I've actually been working really hard this past week, and I feel damned proud of myself, too. I am a little anxious because I have to write my first book review for an academic journal, and I am a little anxious. I am normally such a gossipy old thing, you see, so I will have to put my solemn hat on and concentrate on the facts. Here are some things that have had me distracted this week:

  1. Buddhist Geeks (a beautifully designed site, btw) has a nice entry on Siddham and the traditions of Buddhist calligraphy - something I've always been very interested in, and which I touch on briefly in Destination Saigon.
  2. Spice Temple is a glamorous restaurant in Sydney and WHY DIDN'T I KNOW ABOUT IT? It looks fabulous, and Chocolate Suze has made me put it on my list.
  3. I'm reading a really fascinating book by Jonathan Black at the moment, and I was delighted to stumble upon this retro news item from 1969 by him, detailing a gay march in NYC. Oh, how the world has changed (or has it?).
  4. Benedictine news has been crazy this week, what with Lady Gaga signing up the nuns. I'm fascinated with Benedictine history, and have found a new monastery (well, new to me) that I wanna visit.
  5. Did you say you wanted to read more about obscure Quakers? Say no more.


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