New Books for July

Oh dear, I got a little out of hand in July, it would seem. My pile for this month is out-of-control. I think that in August I will have to cut right back on my purchases. Anyuay, here is my eclectic gathering of must-read books - make of it what you will. From the top:

  • Stylized is a history of Strunk & White's writer's bible The Elements of Style. How could I resist?
  • Obviously I was somewhat obsessive about angels this month, and bought a few books about them. The Whispers of Angels is the first.
  • I've been wanting Selina Hastings' The Secret Lives of Somerset Maugham for a while now, but waited till it came out in B format. I am fascinated by Maugham, and I love Hastings' biographies, so am looking forward to this very much.
  • I read Ann Weiser Cornell's book The Power of Focusing over ten years ago, and felt drawn to look at it again in an effort to deal with my headaches and neck pain.
  • The Soul of Money because I am not really very good with money (as this pile of books will attest)
  • Joyful Wisdom was on the cover of Adyar Bookshop's new catalogue, and I just couldn't resist it. I'm a great believer in judging a book by its cover.
  • 3 more angel books.
  • When I went to hear Mataji at Vedanta Hall this month they were promoting this new book from India, Gita for Everyday Living, and I thought I'd take a look at it. At several times in my life I have been a quite serious student of the Bhagavad Gita, and am always interested in new takes.
  • A history of New Thought - mostly for my thesis
  • Ditto, but what a wonderful title
  • Last month I read Louis Sahagun's absolutely riveting biography of Manly Palmer Hall, Master of the Mysteries. I realised I'd never read Mr. Hall's magnum opus, The Secret Teachngs of All Ages.
  • I have enjoyed every single one of Christopher Hitchens' books, though I don't necessarily agree with them. So I had to get the much-hyped autobiography.
  • And I kept hearing everywhere about Angelology, a piece of literary fiction about angels - what a novelty! It sounds ever-so-intriguing.


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