My Desk at Uni

We are meant to share desks in the postgrad room at uni, and we do.
But I'm afraid I simply can't resist doing a little decorating of the shared workspace.
Indeed, the whole corner that I share is really just a monument to my inordinate love of kitsch, and sometimes I pity the poor man who is there most of the time (truth be told, I prefer to work at home, or in the library). All he has ever contributed to the atmosphere of the space is a filthy coffee cup, some unidentifiable crumbs on the keyboard and a warm juice box that sat there for months.
I wonder how he feels as he looks up from his fascinating research and sees my little glow-in-the-dark buffalo.

And my miniature Bruce Lee.

And my extraordinarily poorly-made resin Kwan Yin from a Ho Chi Minh City supermarket?

I'm sure he's inspired.


Ruth Duckworth said…
I bet he wonders about you!

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