New Books for June

Aaah, a nice pile of exciting new books. I've recently read about a person who went on a year's new-book fast - they didn't purchase a single new volume for 12 months. I keep thinking I should do that, but really, I can't. It's an enjoyable addiction. So here is a run-down on the nice pile awaiting me. From the top down:

  • Thich Nhat Hanh Savor - A Buddhist diet book! This one satisfies a couple of my collecting habits: books by Thich Nhat Hanh and kooky diet books. I have an enormous collection of both. But really, this does have a serious intent: to make us more mindful of what we eat, why we eat and how. I think I'll get a lot out of it - let's hope it also helps me lose a few kilos.
  • Marsha Friedman Celebritize Yourself - I found out about this one on Facebook, and the title was so brilliant I simply had to get it. Wanna lift myself up that alphabetized celebrity list - need to make it to "F" by December, and should manage it with this book's help.
  • Ander Monson Vanishing Point - I am a big fan of David Shields' Reality Hunger, and I heard an interview with him and this guy, and I simply had to get the book. He sounds even more out-there than Shields.
  • Danny Wallace Yes Man - Why haven't I heard about this book before? It is the perfect conceit, and actually falls in line with the way I have been trying to live my life for the past couple of years. Want to read it before I see the movie.
  • May-lee Chai Glamorous Asians - May-lee is my overseas Twitter buddy, and an intriguing woman to boot. I'm very much inspired by her and her committment to the writing life. And this has a pic of the truly fabulous Anna May Wong on the cover!
  • May-lee Chai Hapa Girl - A memoir by the aforementioned May-lee, it's going to be a voyeuristic experience reading it, but probably all the more fascinating for it.
  • Wendy Craig-Purcell Ask Yourself This - The latest book being discussed on Unity FM's 'Hooked On Classics'. I'm addicted to this on-line radio show, and this virtual book-club is the first one I've ever been involved in. It's a deeply satisfying experience reading a book slowly and hearing it discussed in such depth. And very useful for my PhD thesis to boot.


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