John Safran and Father Bob, Triple J TONIGHT FROM 9PM

Sundays at 9pm
In 2009, JOHN SAFRAN and FATHER BOB MAGUIRE escaped unscathed from a near sacking and public crucifixtion. In 2010, they continue to be provocateurs with their weekly radio ramblings on Sunday Night Safran.

This week; Irish comedian, Tommy Tiernan, tickles our religious funnybone. Author, Walter Mason, gives us a glimpse of the Cao Dai religion on-route to, Destination Saigon. Marianna Chenillo, writer/director of the Spanish black comedy, Nora's Will tells an unsual Sabbath story. Kim Cunio, composer and interpreter of sacred traditional music takes us back to medieval sephardic songs of the 1400s during Religious Song of the Week.

If you missed it, podcast it here.


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