Old Boy George Stuff 1

My house is a museum.
Actually, it is several museums. Once I am gone the National Trust can found several institutions based on my collections.
I have extensive collections of popular religious art, of Edwardian novels, of self-help books, of rosary beads and, most importantly, of Boy George paraphernalia. If ever a Pompeii-like event occurs in Cabramatta, future generations will be at turns amused and delighted by what they discover beneath the ash.
This week I am resurrecting some of my old Boy George scrapbooks and scanning the stuff.
My first effort is this review from one of my favourite Boy George periods - the More Protein/Acid House years. I have no idea what magazine the review comes from - some British music magazine, obviously. I simply tore the pages out. At the bottom of the page it says "RM" but I'm really none the wiser.
I'm delighted that the review takes special note of Eve Gallagher, who is a current fave of mine. Interestingly, the reviewer compares her to an "erect penis," which is always a comforting comparison for a performer.
Technical error note: the reviewer seems to be labouring under the misapprehension that Boy George was a Buddhist. Everyone knows that George is much more at home in the Hindu tradition.


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