Life Matters

I have had so many really wonderful responses from my interview on ABC Radio National's Life Matters. People keep asking me, "Was Richard Aedy as sweet as he sounds?" and I have to say that he was. Very engaged and very interested, I think he's a natural interviewer (and a very talented one), and he's gently thoughtful and sensitive in his questioning.
For those of you who may have missed it, here is a direct link to the interview.
Now, you may note that we talk about the durian in the interview. This apparently caused something of a flood of angry calls and emails in defense of that smelly fruit which I defamed on the national airwaves. They were forced to offer equal time in defense of the durian, and ran an interview with an Australian woman living in Brunei who has become a passionate devotee of the fruit.
I'm glad to have been the cause of some genteel controversy.


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