Current Top Played Songs on my iPod

1. Unfinished Sympathy Massive Attack

Quite sublime. I was bored by their concert, but this song is almost perfect.

2. Mamma Mia Abba

No idea how this one got in there, and am rather embarrassed by the fact that I have listened to it so often recently.

3. I'm An Indian Too Ethel Merman

A deeply politically incorrect song. I love Ethel Merman, and this is simply a beautiful song filled with yearning. This is the not half as good Betty Hutton version.

4. Mountain Greenery Ella Fitzgerald

A beautiful song. I adore Ella, and I don't care if it's a cliche. She has the perfect mid-20th Century voice - her and Doris Day. Here is some guy singing it.

5. You Can Have It All Eve Gallagher

Eve was brilliant, and perfectly embodies early 90s House music. And this is just the best video.

6. Stuttering Helen Terry

Helen was Boy George's backing singer, and is one of my heroes. Her little-known solo album from the 80s has recently been re-released, and I have it on high rotation. This is great mid-80s polished UK pop.

7. Trust Me I'm Talking

80s Australian dance pop at its most perfect.


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