iTunes - I hate you

I have just got a wonderful new computer, my old one having slowed down to the speed of lead. I am now cruising along the information superhighway (remember that?) at incredible speeds. Except for one, rather huge, problems.
F*****g iTunes.
I spent, weeks, months - no, years - uploading my vast CD collection onto iTunes. How I adore my iPod, with it's precious collection of podcasts as well as my eccentric music library to accompany me on my daily travels.
But a new computer means that it is almost impossible to get my old playlist transferred. We spent an entire day doing the transfer, only to discover that my new version of iTunes refuses to synch with my trusty iPod. The heartache! The torment.
It looks as though I will have to buy a new iPod just to make the whole thing work again, and until then I have to fire up my old computer every day in order to update and re-synch my iPod. Which I may not do - other people I have spoken to who have had the same traumatic experience simply changed systems and banished iTunes forever from their lives.
Damn you Apple - I have officially joined the vast legions of Apple haters. Have they done a search on this subject on Google lately. I really hope those guys don't believe in Voodoo, because they are attracting some serious negative vibes.
I mean honestly, updating one's computer is not an unusual event. Can you please make it easier?


glad it's fixed now... itunes is sooo touchy

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