The Temples of Sydney: Evergreen Taoist Temple, Redfern

I've always wanted to visit Sydney's only purely Taoist temple, but because it's kind of out of the way (for me) in Bourke St, Redfern, I never really seemed to get around to it.

I finally got to visit it, and of course I was intrigued.
The temple is a wonderful place, brash and colourful in the way of all Chinese popular Taoist temples.
While we were there there was a memorial service going on in the hall of the ancestors, so we had the main hall entirely to ourselves.
I'm not very familiar with popular Taoist iconography, so I can't really explain much about the shrines you see in these pics. But the temple had some very helpful signs below the shrines explaining who the deities were, so soon I am going to do some homework and look them all up. Taoist statuary is fascinating, and I can't believe I've gone this long without learning more about it.


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