Australia's Spiritual Greats #1 - The Ven. Master Chin Kung

One of the truly monumental figures in contemporary Buddhism, the Venerable Master Chin Kung has probably done more to propagate Buddhism in the West than any other monk in history.
Through the auspices of the Buddha Educational Foundation, Chin Kung has distributed hundreds of thousands of Buddhist books, teachings and sutras throughout the world, all of them for free. Printing and distributing books in dozens of languages, possibly everyone who's ever expressed an interest in Buddhism has stumbled upon a copy of a free book originating from Master Chin Kung's organisation.
More interested in the substance of the Dharma than in the erection of glorious temples, Master Chin Kung also bankrolls a chair in comparative religion at Griffith University.
Hailing from China, by way of Taiwan, the jetsetting Master is now a grand old age and has decided to spend his final years here in Australia - even becoming an Australian citizen. He lives at his humble temple in the suburbs of Brisbane, and it's almost certain that the residents of the surrounding streets aren't even aware that there is a temple in close proximity, let alone one inhabited by such a religious luminary!
The Venerable Master Chin Kung is one of the greatest living exponents of Chinese Pure Land, but he takes a truly Buddhist view of Dharma propagation, and prints and distributes books belonging to all the schools and sects.
Namo Amitabha!
May the Venerable Master continue to inhabit our shores for many years to come and bless us by his presence, wisdom and inspirational example.


Michael said…
Yes, he does sound like a very interesting individual.

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