Old Boy George Pics

The latest issue of Kill Your Darlings literary journal has just come out, and in it you'll find an essay by me on my lifelong obsession with Boy George.

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 In the meantime, here's an old post from me about discovering my old Boy George scrapbooks:

I found another of my old scrap books and had the idea of scanning some of the images in. But the results are disappointing - maybe my scanner is too crappy, but also the images have been glued in to exercise books, giving them a corrugated surface which is hard to scan.
Here are the few I did before I gave up - selected on the basis of them being images of George I haven't seen on the net before.
As a youngster I was a mad Boy George fan, and had 6 or 7 scrapbooks filled with pictures of him. He was just so famous back then that I found it hard to keep up.
He still remains an inspiration, and I say a prayer for him every night.

This is George in his bleached blonde phase, returning from a trip to Jamaica with Marilyn. The first time he ever appeared in public with facial hair - and the last time for many years!

George beginning to get chubby for the first time.

George immortalised in wax at Madame Tussauds.

George out of his element on the beach. Again in Jamaica, I think. Jamaica became a place of refuge for George, and he recorded a wistful video clip there for his little known but beautiful song Keep Me in Mind.


Anonymous said…
He sounds so Lisa Stansfield in that number.
Anonymous said…
hellou my dear friend

of is it thad sweet kiss me
ilove you
Nice article! I have kept some old srcap books too from my teen year with boy george. I still believe that he is a unique icon and artist.
Unknown said…
culture club awesome please reunite
Rebecca Kennedy said…
How fabulous that you still have your old scrapbooks! I also love Boy George - what a great voice & unbelievable style...
Walter Mason said…
Hehe - yes, I am a bit of a hoarder, Rebecca!
Anonymous said…
That photo on the beach from the 1985 calendar was taken in Queensland in 1984.

Nice to see the old photographs.
Nat said…
Please, please, please, keep-on scanning! (even if it's not high quality)

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