How Do We Feel God?

My dear friend the Rev. Julian Duckworth is giving a talk this month at the Swedenborg Centre in North Ryde, and if anyone is free it will be a night well worth attending. Julian is a brilliant speaker and one of the most inspirational people I know. If intelligent, thoughtful spirituality is your thing, then this talk will be most rewarding. Details below:

How Do We Feel God?

Speaker: Julian Duckworth
FRIDAY 27TH MARCH 2009 at 7.45
Swedenborg Centre, 1 Avon Road, North Ryde
Cost: $7; concession $5 (including refreshments)

We will be working in the area of personal experience and devotional life in this presentation as well as using our minds. We will cover a number of ways in which certain people have felt that they have experienced God, either directly or indirectly. We will also look closely at what we mean when we make use of the word "God". Other topics in the evening's sharing of this fascinating theme will include: does God feel us? are there things we can do to help us feel God more than we normally do? Isn't God something we can only think about? and, does everyone have the ability as a human being to be conscious of God and therefore be able to feel God? There will be interactive moments during the presentation. Bring your ideas, experiences and feelings along with you.

Julian Duckworth is the Minister at the New Church in Roseville, a Swedenborgian-based church which sees the Bible and Christian teachings through Swedenborg’s spiritual writings. He has regularly presented talks at both the Swedenborg Centre and around New South Wales and further afield, and he enjoys spreading out to come into contact with many other rich and wholesome spiritual approaches, while valuing the Swedenborg base he feels privileged to have received.


Tim Holland said…
Will there be refreshments?

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