My Absolute Yes List

Prioritising, that's what it's all about.
We all have enough hours in the day, and when one reads about really extraordinary people it is always striking how absolutely focused they were, and subsequently how prolific they could be in fulfilling their life's work.
Let's face it, I waste a lot of time. The net, DVDs, TV - these are my main distractions, though I also spend a lot of time 'skimming' books (i.e. never actually finishing them - I have hundreds of unfinished books lying around the house).
I schedule and timetable like a madman, and then pointedly ignore all the plans I so carefully made.
Cheryl Richardson, in her wonderful Life Makeovers book, recommends creating an Absolute Yes list of those things in your life which are most important and need most of your energy right now. So, my top priorities for the next 6 months:
  1. Finishing my Vietnam Book
  2. Getting my PhD underway
  3. Losing weight
  4. Building my speaking profile
  5. Developing my spiritual life


Kathleen said…
Great another good blog to read...did not know about this before...maybe i have blinkered vision.

I did not really know if you were back in Sydney....but I like a bit of mystery around a person..especially with blogs. We only reveal certain elements of ourselves don't we? Through your travel book / blog we may come to know you and your spiritual and life journey better.

Am with you on the weight loss...must get back on my diet and stay with it..this heat is awful for the overweight and then there are the long term health issues.

Here's to you accomplishing all your goals.

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