Churches Behaving Disgracefully

A big thumbs down to the Catholic Church hierarchy in Brisbane for sacking the visionary Father Peter Kennedy. As usual, anyone who dares to put into practice the teachings of Christ is condemned by the Church.
Father Kennedy has been relieved of his position as parish priest of St. Mary's, South Brisbane for being a true embodiment of God's grace. His cardinal crime was the exercise of acceptance, love and true inclusivity, welcoming all to his church. The good Father Kennedy is known for blessing gay couples, encouraging the active involvement of women in sacramental activity and even acknowledging the power and importance of religious traditions other than his own.
In 20 years time priests like Father Kennedy and parishes like St. Mary's will be the norm in Australia. For now the Church must hang its head in shame and Archbishop Bathersby must prepare himself for an eternal place in the rogues gallery of the religious wicked who tried to stem the tides of love and compassion and stake a claim for legalism and all that is wrong in organised religion.
The Church has really made a terrible error in this case. As Macauley so brilliantly pointed out, the great genius of the Catholic Church through the ages has been in its ability to absorb its rebels. Simply shifting over and making a place for even the most radical ideas has meant that the Church has remained dynamic, varied and unified for a very long time.
But perhaps this is just a temporary blip, similar in kind to the excommunication of the Blessed Mother Mary Mackillop. Perhaps in a hundred years time we'll be celebrating the beatification of Father Kennedy. I think there's a very real possibility of that. Father Kennedy is a great man, and has single handedly done more for the reputation of the Catholic Church than almost any other cleric in recent memory.


Lloyd said…
20 years ago, women Ministers were unheard of - now witness the Uniting and Anglican churches and many others. As usual, the Catholic church is late with this innovation. It will take time, but there are many gay protestant ministers and clergy - and, for some reason, I would imagine MANY gay priests and nuns. The Catholic Church will catch up - sometime - just probably not in our lifetime. In the meantime, I just thank God that I am not a Catholic. All power to Father Kennedy.
Anonymous said…
This is apparently not the first time Ratsinger has tried to sack Kennedy (must be something in a name!!). The first time (at least 20 years ago) the previous Archbishop refused to sack Kennedy, and so now there is a new Archbishop who has Pell and Ratsinger as his bosses. Unfortunately the current Archbishop has made himself the meat in the sandwich between Ratsinger and Pell. And Kennedy's popularity will only increase in this poorly managed process.

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