Prince Manvendra

I watched Oprah today (ok, so I'm in kind of an 'in-between' period) and she had a special on being gay around the world. It wasn't very cheery viewing, but she did feature the most adorable Indian Prince who has been disowned by his parents for coming out as a gay man.
Gorgeously attired as only a queen/prince could get away with, Prince Manvendra described his journey to self-awareness, via an arranged marriage and a good deal of social pressure to conform.
His mother didn't take it all that well - in fact, she took an ad out in the Indian papers saying she disowned the Prince and warned that anyone referring to him as her son would be sued. A picture of maternal love, I must say.
The Prince is tall and goofy looking, and absolutely charming with his old-world manners and truly regal bearing. I can't believe I haven't heard of him before! This man is a true gay hero, and deserves to be celebrated. His coming out was a true act of sacrifice and courage, and resulted in threats to his life and significant loss in social status. He now devotes himself to AIDS charities in India and dreams of finding Mr. Right.
Way to go Prince Manvendra! I could think of one or two other royals who could follow in your footsteps!


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