Vale Miss Kitt

The gay blogosphere has gone into a meltdown over the death of Eartha Kitt today.
Not since the passing of Judy Garland have we witnessed the death of such a monumental gay icon - a woman whose personal style and personal courage made her a shining example to all.
Miss Kitt's voice and presence were utterly unique, but there has been abundant press coverage about her amazing life and career. She was the original sex-kitten, and her unique looks made her stand out from the crowd, proving once and for all that you don't have to be conventionally beautiful to be sexy.
I was introduced to Eartha as a young man at college by a dear friend who had lifted one of her early LPs from her father's record collection. We would stay up all night thrilled at Eartha singing some of her signature tunes, and purring and ululating her way through standards such as My Heart Belongs to Daddy. Naturally, the standout favourite was always I Wanna Be Evil, and many a spontaneous drunken drag show was launched by the introduction of this torchsong onto the party playlist.
She was unique, she was out there, and she was utterly convinced of her own beauty.
You had style, Miss Kitt, and the angels in heaven are celebrating your arrival this evening.
They play the harps, and you purr.


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