Sun-Rosary Mandala

I have been obsessed with rosaries lately.
I have always been a fan. I think that prayer beads are immensely useful , and I always keep them around me. I tried to make a mandala late last night, and this is what I managed. I know it's a little rough (I never claimed to be an artist) but I still kinda like it.
I want to make prayer beads. I have for a long time now, but this year has been so busy that I've just never managed to get myself enrolled in a beading class so that I can learn the basics.
Making this mandala has inspired me.
When I come back from Vietnam next year I am going to start making beautiful prayer beads, and shall scatter them far and wide. It will be my own humble prayer ministry.


Kathleen said…
Ooh Walter I bead!!!! I have some fabulous crosses...Vienese glass and a celtic one and have heaps of beads and things....I could teach you!! Although there are some great places around where classes are held. I know the basics but you would as do I need a course in how to use the bead pins ...would look great on a Rosary.

As you can see I managed to get back to your blog at LAST! It kept going to "go daddy" domain hosting...thank goodness you left a comment!!!
Kathleen said…
Saw you said prayer beads...are they the same ...without the cross? Love the Mandala. Also have seen some Tibetan prayer flags which would be easy and fun to make out of silk or hand dyed fabric.
Anonymous said…
Wow. . .I love your Mandala! I don't quite see the rosary, though. I mean, the ten "hail mary's" and one "our father."

It's a great image, though. Could you tell a little about it? Maybe tell something about the colors you chose?

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