The Sign of the Cross

I have a confession.
I don't know how to make the sign of the cross properly.
I mean, I know how in theory, but every time I go to do it in reality I can never remember which side comes first, so then I just don't do it. I'd rather not make an ass of myself, or unwittingly expose myself as a devil worshipper or something.
You see, I grew up a Methodist, and good Methodists have no truck with such popish nonsense as making the sign of the cross. But I spend some of my time with people who are Catholic or High Anglican, and for them making the sign of the cross is as common as breathing. And not doing it at the appropriate time along with them makes me feel rude, or as though I'm making some kind of post-modern religious point at their expense. I'm not! I just get confused about which shoulder comes first. I'm not good with directions at the best of times. I didn't get my drivers license till I was 35!
It's something I'm really going to have to commit to memory. Apparently if you don't do it properly you are committing the most wicked sin, and I've got enough of those under my belt, thanks very much.
And after that I'll start on learning how to genuflect properly. Which knee?!?


Kathleen said…
Left side first Walter says this ex.Irish Catholic ex athiest then born again Anglican then High Anglican church worker!

Shall try to think on the genuflecting is ingrained into my psyche like all Catholics but my knees do not allow for that these days....Would go with the right.

You are going on my google reader so I do not lose you again!
Left side first in the Western church, Right side first in the Eastern church.
Genuflect with the right knee to the floor.
None of which is essential :)

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