Nam Mo Quan The Am Bo Tat!

The Gentle Mother Kwan Yin hears all the sounds of the universe, and today I am sending her my prayers for healing.
Here is a pic of the Kwan Yin at a temple in Quy Nhon City Vietnam.


Anonymous said…
Please post this, i want everyone to know the miracle of Nam Mo Quan The Am Bo Tat.

I was in one of the lowest point of my life. I was a christian, converted to nichiren buddhism and chanted to change my life. I felt that it did changed my life for the better but 1 day, i was left deeply emotionally hurt by my partner of 6 years and was crying while i chanted Nam mo quan am bo tat over and over again..i didnt know why i turned to her but i did. I was asking for a miracle to happen, for her to heal my broken heart and change things for me. I said it over and over again and at the same time believing that she could hear me.

All you have to do is try it even if its just once...miracles will happen if do it with your whole heart. I am living proof that Nam Mo Quan Am Bo Tat is a miracle. I got what i wanted but i also promised her that in return i will spread her grace.

if your suffering or going through hell, this is will get you out!
Anonymous said…
Wow!!!! I can not believe that comment from 2010. That is my story exactly!!! Everything that person wrote is exactly what just happened to me. I am shocked. I practiced Nichiren Buddhism for 8 years, and now I pray to Quan The Am Bo Tat. She has filled my life with hope. I pray for Metta, so I can be like her to all people.
Unknown said…
I would love to know more about her... I too am a christian convert to Nichiren.... Currently hitting dead lock... I will chant to Kwan....let's see how I go...

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