I didn't mention it, but I went to the Auburn Mosque open day last weekend.

Now, in all of my travels, I had until then never actually been inside a mosque, though I have ached to. I have always just been too terrified - in the same way that I am terrified to turn up at a Synagogue for service. There's just something about those religions of the book that make me turn and run. Same goes for Orthodox churches. Something inside says "They'll all look at me and recognise that I am not one of them, and then they will turn on me and scream 'What are you doing here, infidel?'"
So the open day was the perfect route for me. Lots of ordinary non-mosque type of folks, a show bag, and a gorgeous mosque filled to overflowing with the curious and cowardly.
I thought the building was beautiful, and the whole event was extraordinarily glossy and well-organised - we even got a free lunch.
Now I have a hankering to see all the other mosques of Sydney.


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