You all know of my special devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and she is particularly to the fore of my mind at the moment when I am thinking so much about the World Mother. It's also the Feast of the Assumption on Friday, when Marian devotion pretty much reaches its pinnacle.
This is a pic of the beautiful Mary at St. Patrick's, Church Hill, where I often go to burn a candle.
I have also become particularly enamoured of the new image of the Virgin at St. Mary's Cathedral, the photo-realist Our Lady of the Southern Cross which was especially commissioned for World Youth Day. This is an unrepentantly anglo-saxon Mary, the Virgin as she'd almost certainly appear in Cronulla, replete with chubby little blonde haired Christ child. It is an exquisite piece of popular art, destined to become one of the most prized pieces of religious kitsch in the world. I was mortified to see that there are as yet no images of it available in the handy St. Mary's gift shop - I am waiting to shop up a storm. Indeed, it is very difficult to find a reproduction of it on-line.
I see that a family in the Philippines has witnessed the miracle of the BVM appearing in the glass of their TV cabinet!
Why don't these things ever happen to me?


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