I spent this afternoon at St. Stephen's Uniting on Macquarie St at their annual Hymnfest.
Now, spending an afternoon singing old-style hymns with a couple of hundred 70 year olds may not sound like a whole lot of fun, but dammit it was! The sound was absolutely glorious, all those voices helped out by a choir and the Youth Chamber Orchestra.
We did a whole host of old favourites, including Jerusalem and Great is Thy Faithfulness. The hymns were introduced by the resident minister, a charming man called the Rev. Dr. Matthew Jack. His charm was only enhanced by the fact that one day I too want to bear the appellation "Rev. Dr." - and it may be soon!
I fell in love with St. Stephen's, a rambling Art Nouveau pile of an old Presbyterian Church, containing just the right air of faded glamour and down-at-heel splendour. It's situated right across the road from State Parliament, and was the church that Fred Nile always wanted to get his hands on - to the Uniting Church's eternal credit they never let him anywhere near it.
I plan to go back someday soon for a proper service, and I hope and pray that they make their wonderful Hymnfest a more regular event.


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