The Blake Prize

I love the Blake Prize - it is one of the most consistently interesting art prizes in the country, and this year should be even more interesting with the inclusion of a literary prize (which I simply must enter next year!).
It has been particularly controversial these past few years, which means that the selection committee is doing something right. Right on schedule, this morning's Herald has a front page splash about one of the Blake judges resigning. A certain Christopher Allen has resigned in a fit of entirely redundant pique at the inclusion of - shock horror - a controversial artwork. I wonder why someone would agree to become a judge if he wasn't willing to engage with challenging ideas about the intersections between art and religion in the contemporary world? Genuinely perplexing. Still, it meant that we got to see some of this year's entries, including the allegedly offensive Adam Cullen painting (the one resigned over) and an exquisite image of Corey Worthington as Christ - which sends me down all sorts of other avenues, including contemplating doing a picture of Keith, Nicole and little Sunday as the Holy Family.
Anyway, bring on the Prize - it is always provoking and brings matters of the spirit to the front pages of the newspapers. I know that the controversies can often bring heartaches to the Prize's organisers, but I love them!


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