I haven't owned a record player for years - probably over 10 years.
This is very sad when you realise that I once owned a very impressive collection of late 1980s 12" mixes - particularly those coming from the Stock Aitken Waterman stable. I have (had?) an enormous record collection, but I got rid of it years ago - I gave them all to a friend who still had a turntable. It was such an amazing collection of rare stuff, most of it still unreleased on CD, and I still miss it to this day.
A few months ago my mother gave me a boxed set of records featuring the entire Holy Bible recorded on discs. This had belonged to my darling old Great Aunt Audrey, and is a real treasure. This has prompted me to look into buying a turntable that can turn the records into digital files that I can listen to on my Ipod. I think I have found the perfect one, and when my lectures have finished at Uni I shall order it.
And then I shall pop over to my old friends' house and beg back my record collection. Oh, the treasures I shall find there!


Jem12 said…
Good luck in getting your SAW records back! I'm keeping a tight rein on mine!

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