Liniment - #2

This is part of my haul from Changi airport, and I have kept it aside for some time, awaiting just the right day to crack it open. Any good liniment is like a fine vintage, and benefits from a period of cellaring.
These past few days I've been bothered by a low-level virus that keeps me aching all over my body, and it is during times like these that liniment proves to be my best friend.
This little bottle packs a real punch, however. It is so hot that it almost becomes uncomfortable on the skin a few moments after it has been applied. And then it gets hotter.
A couple of nights ago, after rubbing my neck and shoulders down with this oil, I made the stupid mistake of rubbing my eye without having washed my hands.
Oh the agony!
I really thought I may have been blinded.
I couldn't think straight - I rushed to the bathroom and plunged my head into the shower, the hot water making the hot oil burn even more.
It wore off after a while, however, though my eye remained red and swollen for the rest of the evening. So be careful - liniments are not to be toyed with. They burn!


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