Liniment - #1

I have an unusual obsession, and one to which I don't readily admit.
I love Chinese-style liniments! I have shelves full of them, and use them regularly.
I was originally introduced to green liniment many years ago by my Vietnamese-Australian partner, and ever since then have nursed a passion for these little bottles of medicinal wonder-oil!
Being a headache sufferer has made me extremely fond of these liniments, which usually contain some variation on a combo of peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil and menthol. But oh so many variations - choosing a liniment is like selecting a perfume - there is one for absolutely every occasion.
Of course, there are the classics - Eagle Brand Green Oil (a perennial favourite) and Wood Lock Oil (for the purists), and the ubiquitous Tiger Balm (mostly just for white folks). One applies these liniments to the back of one's neck, but also to the temples and the crown of the head. They are also good for muscular pain and even stomach ache! My partner tells me that they work a treat when fed to non-laying hens, and I have seen people in Vietnam drink them to stave off nausea, but ingestion is definitely NOT recommended!
Though Eagle Brand Green Oil claims it can also be worn as a perfume, I don't think this is particularly good advice. Unless you wanna smell like an arthritic Vietnamese granny on your next hot date.
It's almost impossible to stop me buying liniment. Once, while on a stopover in Singapore, I had ingested too many sleeping pills, and when my partner slipped off to the toilet I wandered in a drug-induced haze into the traditional medicine clinic at Singapore Airport. By the time I was found I had purchased $300 worth of liniment (Singapore is liniment capital!). Bags of the stuff!
This little bottle pictured was purchased in Hong Kong, and is relatively mild - I tend to prefer the stronger stuff that really makes the eyes water. It has an unpleasant smell, and the effects aren't particularly long-lasting. Nice label, though.


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