I've been quiet on my blog for a couple of weeks, for which I apologise.
There are a number of reasons. I have been working on (am still working on) an enormous essay on "Rejection of the Other" which is a huge percentage of my Honours Year marks. I'm almost there with that one, but it's still taking up a lot of my mind space.
But mostly I've been sad because I had to say goodbye to my beautiful little cat Donna.
She'd been our dearest companion for 17 years, and we loved her very much.
She was a gentle little soul, and spent every moment with us. Incredibly affectionate and loyal, towards the end of her life she became completely deaf, which meant that she relied on us even more for safety and protection.
She had developed cancer of the jaw, and had quickly deteriorated to the point where she could no longer eat or drink. We had to make the incredibly difficult decision to have her euthanased, and it was by far the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Just holding her in my arms as we drove her to the vet, knowing that these would be her last few moments, and her lying there purring, trusting me completely.
The vet was a wonderful woman, but it was all over so quickly, and before we knew it we had a small little bundle wrapped up in a checked cloth, and our beautiful little friend was no more.
We buried her in our back garden, and this morning when I looked out I saw that the sun was shining exactly on the spot where we'd buried her.
She was such a beautiful cat, petite and clever and inclined to take liberties.
And she was a great friend, through such an important part of my life.
I miss you, darling Donna, and pray for you, wherever you are now.


Kathleen said…
So sorry about Donna. What a beauty with the most wonderful eyes. I cannot imagine losing a pet after that long, although do know about pain and loss. Pets rely on you so and you looked after her to the end, a very hard decision for you both. So very sorry.

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