Out of the Ordinary

I've just completed an absolutely mammoth essay, so to relax a little I've been reading Jon Ronson's marvellous collection of articles Out of the Ordinary. I love Ronson - I read his wonderful book Them years ago, and have always admired his cleverness and humour. I'd love to be able to write like him. It's interesting to read in this book about his subtle rivalry with Louis Theroux - I must admit I've often thought that the young Mr. Theroux has been poaching on Ronson territory for some time. I like Louis Theroux's stuff, but he can be a little annoyingly "right on" in his political views at times. Ronson is more honest, and expresses a little more ambivalence about his subjects - sometimes agreeing with them, sometimes repulsed by them. This seems to me a much more realistic reaction.


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