Eating in Cabramatta #1 - Com Chien Ga Da Don

I live in Cabramatta, which is clearly Sydney's best suburb.
It is vibrant and fun, always something going on and something to buy, and the best food in Australia.
I know Cabramatta as well as anyone in the country, and eat there almost every day.
So, I will attempt to record some of my favourite meals so that you know what to look for next time you are out here.
So today for lunch I had Com Chien Ga Da Don, which is crispy chicken with fried rice. This is a classic Chinese/Viet dish, the kind of thing that most Vietnamese people would wanna eat for lunch, but the kind of thing that no Anglos would dream of ordering when they went out to a restaurant.
The chicken is crispy-fried to perfection, and the accompanying fried rice (a specialty of this particular restaurant) is particularly delicious. It comes with a standard Vietnamese dipping sauce based on fish sauce mixed with water, lemon juice, sugar and various other secret ingredients - every restaurant has its own mix, and I have been known to frequent an establishment based purely on the quality of its dipping sauce. But today I cheated because my partner had Hainam Chicken with fried rice, and the sauce they give for that is even yummier - it's filled with crushed-up ginger and is a lot sweeter. So I kept stealing his.


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