Kwan Yin at Sydney Unitarian Church

For those interested, I am giving a short talk on Kwan Yin at the Sydney Unitarian Church, 15 Francis St, East Sydney on Sunday the 11th of May at 10.30 am. I promise it will be fascinating, and it's at a central location - just across the road from Hyde Park, in the city.
This is a free event, and not to be missed!


Lee Yue Heng said…
Found your blog via a Google search on Kwan Yin and would like to share a new site that I have created in honour of the Bodhisattva of Compassion. Here's the address:
Arizona said…
Hi Walter,
I'm Anne, I was chatting with your partner at the church on Sunday, mainly about the weather.
I loved your Kwan Yin talk and wondered if you've put together notes and images for a publication for the church website. I'm helping out with that a bit now, trying to bring in more imagery especially.
Anyway, this is a way of making contact.
Nice blog btw. :)

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