On Drinking Starbucks While Abroad

Firstly, lets make it clear that we should all be boycotting Gloria Jeans. No ifs, no buts. Gloria Jeans is owned by a ghastly man who stands for nothing but hate, I don't care what way you want to spin it.
Now that I've got that off my chest, can I just say how fabulous Starbucks is?
I know, friends will tell me that I'm just throwing my support behind another multinational chain. Guilty. I really don't have a problem with that.
Sure, they charge $6 for a coffee, and I almost never go to Starbucks in Australia - who's got the cash? But while on holiday in Asia, there is nothing more exquisite than sliding into a comfy Starbucks chair and enjoying your first good coffee for days, revelling in the air-conditioning and the English-language magazines and the caramel latte that has totally blown your budget for the day. No beggars, staff you can understand, and the same over-priced and slightly too dry day-old pain au chocolat you can enjoy in Starbucks all over the world. Maybe its the same one?
Starbucks on Convent Rd in Bangkok is probably the best one in the world - hyper-aggressive air conditioning and yuppie gay-boys in the upstairs lounge mean you could spend an entire afternoon here, and I have. Starbucks in the Dongmen pedestrian precinct in Shenzhen is also a winner, as is the one on the Largo do Senado in Macau. This is a pic of me being deliriously happy at Starbucks in Langham Place, Mongkok.
One day they'll open a Starbucks in Ho Chi Minh City, and then my life will be perfect.


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