Holy Pictures

I have a thing for Holy Pictures.
As a child I always envied my Catholic cousins, whose books and belongings were always jam-packed with Holy Pictures, gifts from Nuns and Priests and Italian Nonnas and other impossibly exotic personages. Lifting a bible off the shelf in my cousin's house would reward you with a veritable shower of these exquisitely decorated little cards, gilt-edged, syrupy recreations of the BVM or St. Teresa.
When I stay at St. Benedict's and am permitted to sit in choir with the monks, I am always gratified to see that their psalters and hymn books have places liberally marked with HPs of all descriptions.
I'm not the only one, either. I have just recently purchased a beautiful coffee table book of reproductions of vintage Holy Pictures - there's obviously a market out there!
Here is my favourite Guardian Angel Picture, with its accompanying prayer. May you be blessed with Angelic protection!


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