At the beach

Not wanting to bore you with my health problems (Why stop now? I hear you ask), I have had an ongoing problem with my big toe which is causing me a lot of grief. I have been susceptible to big toe problems ever since I was a small child, so some are right when they say I was born an old man. But really, I have been in a lot of pain for over three months now, and it does get to me. People like Louise Hay say that problems with the big toe indicate an undue worry about the future, a lack of clarity about one's direction in life. Well, that just about sums me up....
Anyway, on a drizzly but blissful Easter Monday morning we drove down to Helensburgh to visit the Hindu temple there. After my prayers we kept driving to the nearby Stanwell Park so that I could bathe in the saltwater, something friends have been telling me to do for some time now. It was an awful lot of fun, though the water was freezing. It definitely had some psychic benefit, if no actual physical response. Stanwell Park is such a wonderful place, the perfect beach village. I could spend my final days in a shack on the cliffside there. Unfortunately the shack would probably set me back a million dollars or so, but a man can dream can't he?


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